Industry Research Reports

The following reports were prepared by members of the CEMI research team either via the centre or through other organisations. Not all reports are available for download due to commercial confidentiality.

Authors Year Title
T. Mazzarol 2009 Co-operative enterprise: a discussion paper and literature review
T. Mazzarol; N. Heemst; J.A. Barnes; Barry Smith; Philip Watson 2003 Communities of Enterprise: Future Strategies for the Business Enterprise Centres Network of Western Australia
R. Barnett; T. Mazzarol 2002 Creating an Effective Venture Capital Environment in Western Australia, Guidelines for Government, Industry and Universities
T. Mazzarol; R. Patmore; N. Heemst; J. Wong; D. Adam 2004 Digital Communities: A Study to Determine the Feasibility of Creating a Digital Content Industry Cluster in Western Australia
T. Mazzarol; G. Benjamin 2011 Evaluation of the Business Growth Centre and Small Business Smart Business Programs
T. Mazzarol; G. Soutar; D. Smart 2010 Evaluation of the International Education Marketing and Promotional Strategies of Perth Education City
N. Heemst; T. Mazzarol; M. Burton 2002 Exploring the Industry Value Chain for Medium Rainfall Eucalyptus Sawlog Agro-Forestry in Western Australia
T. Mazzarol; David Cresp; R. McFarlane; Erwin Edlinger 2009 Industrial Land Development in Western Australia Stage 1 Report: A Review of Global Trends, Innovation and Best Practice
T. Mazzarol 2004 Industry Networks in the Australian Marine Complex: Strategic Networking within the Western Australian Maritime Engineering Sector
J. Wong; T. Mazzarol 2004 Innovation from Design: The Application of Design and Product Development among Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia