Associate Professor Ilke van Beveren

Current Affiliation
Associate Professor Ilke van Beveren
Research Associate CEMI
Assistant Professor Lessius Hogeschool

Ilke Van Beveren is an assistant professor at Lessius Antwerpen, Department of Business Studies and an associate lecturer at LICOS, KU Leuven. She obtained her Ph.D. At KU Leuven in 2008. Her research interests include multinational firms, international trade, innovation and firm dynamics.

Ilke was a key member of the research team that examined the innovation management practices of small firms within the Flemish Creative Industries sector. She co-authored a chapter on this research in conjunction with Ysabel Nauwelaerts and Frederick Van Assche for the book Strategic Innovation in Small Firms: An International Analysis of Innovation and Strategic Decision Making in Small to Medium Enterprises, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK, Northampton, MA USA.