Dr. Manijeh Reyhani, PhD (Materials Engineering), DBA

Current Affiliation
Dr. Manijeh Reyhani, PhD (Materials Engineering), DBA
CEMI Research Associate
Director A&M Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd

Manijeh Reyhani is research scientist and Executive Director of A&M Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd, Perth Western Australia. She received her PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of Western Australia in 1989, and more recently completed a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at the same university in 2011. During this time Manijeh has held several research positions at UWA.

Prior to joining UWA Manijeh was a Senior Research Fellow and Managing Director of the Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility at Curtin University of Technology, Perth WA. She had central responsibility for establishing, managing and directing the Scanning Probe Microscopy Facility, which was part of the Nanochemistry Research Institute at Curtin University. This facility received an LIEF grant from the Australian Research Council.

Dr Reyhani's contributions to the teaching and research program at the Department of Applied Chemistry, Curtin University and the Parker Centre, included supervision of postgraduate students and collaboration with local, national and international industry partners. She has published and presented her research work in numerous international scientific publications and conferences including Nature Magazine.

Manijeh is the the founding director of A&M Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd and has served the company as an Executive Director and Business Specialist since 1990. The company's mission is to deliver science ideas to the commercial marketplace via education, mentoring and access to networks and funding, as well as offering engineering solutions to industrial problems. Her research has spanned many areas including materials analsis and characterisation. It includes a broad range of materials, nano-scale surfaces, industrial crystallization processes, fundamentals of crystal growth, interactions of novel additives at atomic level for crystal growth modification, atomic level interactions between crystals, atomic force microscopy, including for electrical, optical and biological nano-materials and thin films.

Dr Reyhani has an extensive background in entrepreneurship and business education including leadership, marketing, entrepreneurial management and commercialisation of university research. She has completed her DBA research investigating the process of commercialisation of nanotechnology from Australian universities. She also has an active interest in studying innovation and entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurship education for young academics.