Creating the Innovative Organisation

TitleCreating the Innovative Organisation
Publication TypeDiscussion Paper
Year of Publication2004
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T
Secondary TitleCEMI Discussion Papers
PublisherCentre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI)
ISSN Number1448-2541
Keywordscommercialisation, innovation management, knowledge management

Innovation within a commercial environment is about adding value through new product development, or reducing cost via changes to process technologies and systems. While is may take the form of radical, disruptive change, the majority of innovations are incremental in nature. Contemporary innovation management requires the active participation of all employees with adequate rewards and recognition of such behaviour. Management plays a key role in this process, motivating employees to seek innovative solutions and identifying opportunities for enhanced innovation via interactions with the customer. It is important for organizations to build innovation management systems able to assist with the facilitation of knowledge sharing and commercialisation among both internal and external actors.

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