Empowering Communities through Innovation in Local Government

TitleEmpowering Communities through Innovation in Local Government
Publication TypeDiscussion Paper
Year of Publication2011
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T
Secondary TitleCEMI Discussion Papers
PublisherCentre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI)
ISSN Number1448-2541
Keywordse-government, Innovation, local government, social capital

This paper outlines a conceptual framework for how local governments might engage communities to help facilitate innovation. While management within government has shifted over the past two decades towards a more accountable, community focused strategy, achieving innovation remains elusive. Changing community demographics will increase the complexity of managing government agencies and require more innovative approaches. Critical to any innovation program is the existence of champions, who should be encouraged and supported. Local Government Authorities need to recognise the importance of social capital within their communities, and should take steps to facilitate its development. The use of technology to achieve best practice e-government and joined-up-government models is required.

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