Keep elite faculties apart, says uni chief

TitleKeep elite faculties apart, says uni chief
Publication TypeNewspaper Article
Year of Publication2007
Corporate AuthorsDerek Parker, Bernard Lane
NewspaperThe Australian
Keywordsgraduate schools of management, MBA, mergers, universities

In this article from "The Australian" of 2007 Professor Roy Green from the Macquarie Graduate School of Management warned against the tendency to merge MBA Graduate Schools into broader business faculties. He argued that MBA programs were specialist and focused on servicing the needs of mature age professionals. Their culture was not a good fit for main stream undergraduate level teaching faculties. Professor Tim Mazzarol, Director of CEMI, was one of several academics interviewed for the article. He commented on the merger of the former Graduate School of Management at the University of Western Australia with the mainstream business faculty to form the UWA Business School. While conceeding that graduate schools needed more resources, he questioned whether integrating a successful graduate school into a larger structure was the best way to do it.