Awakening the Entrepreneur: An Examination of Entrepreneurial Orientation among MBA Students

TitleAwakening the Entrepreneur: An Examination of Entrepreneurial Orientation among MBA Students
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2007
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T
Conference NameEFMD 37th Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Small Business (EISB) Annual Conference
PublisherEuropean Foundation for Management Development
Conference Location13-14 September, Ljubljana Slovenia.

This paper examines the findings from a study of 112 respondents consisting of 56 students who were engaged in an MBA course in entrepreneurship, and 56 “entrepreneurs” who were selected by the students as potential role models. The study used a “General Entrepreneurial Tendency” (GET) test originally developed by Caird (1991a; 1991b; 1992; 1993) to measure entrepreneurial orientation. The GET test measures five key elements comprising: i) achievement drive; ii) creativity; iii) autonomy; iv) risk taking propensity; and v) internal locus of control via a 54 item scale.The study concludes that entrepreneurship cannot be taught directly but that students can be brought to an understanding of their own entrepreneurial capacity through the application of diagnostic assessments (e.g. GET Test) and the examples of role models (e.g. the entrepreneur interlocutors). It suggests that all people have entrepreneurial traits and that environmental forces are likely to impede or enhance these. Finally, it raises questions not only for future research, but in how we structure entrepreneurship courses for students, placing more emphasis on self-discovery and analysis rather than technical skills building (e.g. business planning and financial analysis.

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