Bridging the Gap: A Study of Strategic Change and Thinking within Small Firms

TitleBridging the Gap: A Study of Strategic Change and Thinking within Small Firms
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T, Reboud, S, Olivares, C
Conference Name51st Annual ICSB World Conference
PublisherInternational Council for Small Business
Conference Location19-21 June, Melbourne Australia
Keywordsplanning, Small Business, strategy

This paper outlines the findings from a longitudinal study of small business owners engaged in a management development program designed to assist them to review their management practices and strategic thinking. Over a period of 5 months these owner-managers were engaged with individual and peer group mentoring as well as the need to undertake a series of action learning tasks designed to enhance the business management systems within their companies. As part of the data collection process pre and post program diagnostic assessments were undertaken, along with mentor reports, owner-manager feedback and video case studies. The findings suggest that this combination of education and mentoring assisted the owner-managers to become more strategic in their orientation and personal management behaviours. The study seeks to answer a series of research questions initially posited by Robinson and Pearce in the mid-1980s but so far not fully addressed within the literature.

Refereed DesignationRefereed