A Word-of-Mouth Scale in a Services Context

TitleA Word-of-Mouth Scale in a Services Context
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Tertiary AuthorsSweeney, J, Soutar, G, Mazzarol, T
Conference NameAnnual ANZMAC Conference
PublisherAustralian & New Zealand Marketing Academy
Keywordsword of mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) marketing has become a key focus for many organisations, given the decreasing trust customers are placing in organisations and advertising. Against this background, academic research into WOM has failed to keep pace with managers’ escalating interest in the topic. Questions such as what is WOM, how is it measured and how can it be managed have not been fully answered by prior research. In particular, much of the literature views WOM as the simple delivery of information and does not take account of the construct’s richness. The present study addressed this gap by developing a parsimonious and practical three-factor scale (emotional intensity of the message, the cognitive quality of the message and the credibility of the message) with good measurement properties. The scale is appropriate for both WOM delivery (i.e. when WOM is modelled as an outcome of a service process) as well as WOM receipt (i.e. examining outcomes following WOM). No previous WOM measures have been usable in both contexts.

Refereed DesignationRefereed