Associate Professor Dave Webb, MBA, PhD

Current Affiliation
Associate Professor Dave Webb, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor UWA
Research Associate CEMI
University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
6009 Crawley

In addition to an early career as a Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police, London, David has held numerous international academic and industry positions in Germany, the Far East, the United States and the United Kingdom together with an executive position at a management consultancy firm in South Africa. He is currently an Associate Professor in Marketing at the University of Western Australia.

Among others David is on the Board of Directors (2005, 2007-Current) for the International Society for Quality of Life Studies (ISQOLS), and is Editor of the Best Practice in Quality of Life Studies Book Series (Springer Publishing), and co-editor of the social indicators book “Security and Quality of Life”. David was an award winning MBA student at a top Business School in the United Kingdom and in 1995 he completed his Doctoral studies in a policing context in the area of Social psychology.

During his academic career David has been actively involved in the study and teaching of ethics as well as demonstrating this through action, managing a not-for-profit programme to build a school for over 400 Tibetan nomad kids in a remote region of the Tibetan plateau. For this work he was nominated for an Australian of the Year award in 2007. Though this work was independent from the university, he was able nonetheless to integrate aspects of the program in to the marketing classroom and in addition, was able to work on several projects on well being and on the impact of solar cooker technology in the Tibetan region which was later published in peer reviewed journals.

Over the past two years, in conjunction with colleagues from the Faculty, Dave has been responsible for introducing the first compulsory postgraduate unit in Business Ethics at UWA. The unit is now successfully taught in every teaching period each academic year to around 350 students. The team continue to work with the originator Professor Mary Gentile (UWA Visiting Professorial Fellow 2009, 2012) on the development of this leading-edge program. His current research interests include the application of self-determination theory in multiple environments including energy, healthcare, online child exploitation and human trafficking as well as organisational ethics.

Journal Article

  1. Sweeney, J. Webb, D. Mazzarol, T. Soutar, G , 2014 , Self-Determination Theory and Word of Mouth about Energy-Saving Behaviors: An Online Experiment
  2. Sweeney, J. Kresling, J. Webb, D. Soutar, G. Mazzarol, T , 2013 , Energy saving behaviours: Development of a practice-based model
  3. Webb, D. Soutar, G. Mazzarol, T. Saldaris, P , 2013 , Self-determination theory and consumer behavioural change: Evidence from a household energy-saving behaviour study

Conference Paper

  1. Sweeney, J. Webb, D. Soutar, G. Mazzarol, T , 2011 , Self-Determination Theory and Word of Mouth: Exploring the Cyclical Nature in the Context of Energy Saving