Planning and Building a Small Business

TitlePlanning and Building a Small Business
Publication TypeText Book
Year of Publication2011
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T, Reboud, S
PublisherTilde Publishing Australia
Place PublishedPrahran Vic
ISBN Number978-0-7346-0801-7
KeywordsSmall Business

Synopsis The aim of this book is to familiarise students with the theory and practice of small business management. 

For those interested in establishing and managing their own small firm, this book will help the reader better understand the challenges and rewards of being a small business owner-manager. In addition, Planning and Building a Small Business will prove useful to small business owner-managers as a general guide on how they might better manage their operations.

Part A, Planning a small business, contains six chapters that deal with planning a small business, including surviving the early years, strategic planning, and writing a business plan. 

Part B, Innovation, consists of two chapters that deal with entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. 

Part C, Teams and small business, consists of two chapters that look at human resource management and teams within a small business context. 

Part D, Marketing a small business, consists of a final chapter that examines marketing a small business.