Entrepreneurship and Innovation: A Manager's Perspective

TitleEntrepreneurship and Innovation: A Manager's Perspective
Publication TypeText Book
Year of Publication2006
Tertiary AuthorsMazzarol, T
PublisherTilde University Press
Place PublishedMelbourne
ISBN Number0-7346-1035-1
KeywordsEntrepreneurship, Innovation, Management

The aim of this text is to provide an overview of the theory, practice and context of entrepreneurship and innovation at both the industry and firm level. It will provide students with a foundation of ideas and understandings that are designed to shape their thinking and behavior so as to appreciate the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern economies, and to recognize their own abilities in this regard. Key features include: * Brings together entrepreneurship and innovation using a unique approach. * Looks at the process of entrepreneurship from both a small and large organizational perspective. * Examines the theory and practice of innovation. * Attention given to innovation diffusion theory and the challenges of commercialization with disruptive technologies.