Australia’s hidden giants – the Aussie ‘Mittelstand’

TitleAustralia’s hidden giants – the Aussie ‘Mittelstand’
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBaker, S, Mazzarol, T
Book TitleRhetoric and Reality: Building Vibrant and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems,
EditionThird Edition
Paginationpp. 122-155
PublisherTilde Publishing and Distribution
ISBN Number978-073-461-257-1
KeywordsAustralia, manufacturing, Mittelstand, SMEs

This chapter provides an overview of the nature of manufacturing and its role in the national economy. It then examines the nature of the Mittelstand, with specific reference to how such firms are understood within the academic literature. A challenge for both researchers and those who seek to develop government policy is that the concept of Mittelstand, despite its common usage, is ill-defined and poorly understood. The purpose therefore of this chapter is to investigate the nature of these firms and how they might be defined. Within the Australian context our focus is on addressing the following primary question:If Australian manufacturers that follow the Mittelstand model are more successful than their conventional counterparts, how can Australia encourage the creation of more Mittelstand?