Innovation Ordinaire en PME Ordinaires

TitleInnovation Ordinaire en PME Ordinaires
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsReboud, S, Mazzarol, T
Book TitlePME, Dynamiques Entrepreneuriales et Innovation
Paginationpp: 351-380.
PublisherPeter Lang
CityPieterlen Suisse
ISBN Number978-90-5201-785-3
KeywordsEntrepreneurship, Innovation, SME

While it appears increasingly central to industrial policy concerns, the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the dynamics of innovation remains paradoxically little studied and insufficiently discussed in the academic sphere. The predominant attention is generally focused on the organization and strategy of the only large companies, with models that are certainly sophisticated, but little adapted to the reality of SMEs in general and innovative SMEs in particular. The purpose of this book is precisely to explore and illustrate the realities and stakes linked to the dynamics of creation and perennial development of innovative SMEs. In this context, the entrepreneurial logics underlying these dynamics appear crucial, as are incentive policies and support for innovative entrepreneurship at the national, regional and local levels. From a multidisciplinary perspective, combining theoretical and empirical studies, the analyzes proposed in this book make it possible to rethink the concepts but also the practices and the policies relating to innovation, SMEs and entrepreneurship.