Energy saving behaviours: Development of a practice-based model

TitleEnergy saving behaviours: Development of a practice-based model
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSweeney, J, Kresling, J, Webb, D, Soutar, G, Mazzarol, T
JournalEnergy Policy
Keywordsconsumers, Energy cultures framework, Energy saving behaviours

Financial pressure and concern for the environment has meant many consumers are aware of the need to reduce their consumption of many resources, including energy, which is the focus of the present study. While potential energy use deterrents in the form of access constraints and price increases are forms of extrinsic control, it is not clear how effective these are at reducing consumption and, indeed, it is not clear if such measures are consistent with people's underlying energy saving motivations. Beyond behavioural motivations, people's desires to reduce energy can be thwarted (barriers) and/or supported by a variety of factors, some within their control, while others are perhaps less so. Using a practice-based framework and a qualitative focus group approach, this study presents an exploratory study of these issues. Policy suggestions for overcoming barriers, as well suggestions as to how energy saving behaviours can be supported are offered.