SBM Workshop 5: Acquisition or exit and the use of technology


In this fifth workshop the strategic decisions of acquistion for growth, or trade sale for exit are examined. Particular attention is given to the process of buying, selling and valuing the small business.

The workshop will also examine the use of technology in the small business. In particular, the nature of e-commerce, e-business, e-marketing and the use of social media are addressed. The development of a technology strategy is the focus of this workshop.

Small group activities will focus on the application of concepts and theories to a small business project using Action Learning Tasks (ALT). In this workshop, ALT7 Technology will be commenced.


Mazzarol, T. and Reboud, S. (2017), Small Business Management: 3rd edn, Tilde University Press, Melbourne. ISBN: 978-0-7346-1224-3. Chapter 11.

Mazzarol, T. and Reboud, S. (2017), Small Business Management: Workbook, Tilde University Press, ISBN: 978-0-7346-1226-7.

Lecture notes

Action Learning Tasks

  • ALT 7 Technology