Title Roles, responsibilities and expertise
Associate Professor Ysabel Nauwelaerts Research Associate CEMI, Associate Professor Lessius Hogeschool
Associate Professor Johanne Queenton, Master of Public Administration (UQAM), PhD (Business Administration) Research Associate CEMI, Associate Professor of Strategy and Director of Innovation Management Research Team, Faculty of Administration, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Professor Sophie Reboud, B.Eng (Agronomy), PhD (Industrial Economics) Research Associate CEMI, Professor Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne and Director, Centre for Business Research (CEREN)
Dr. Manijeh Reyhani, PhD (Materials Engineering), DBA CEMI Research Associate, Director A&M Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd
Professor Geoffrey N Soutar, BEc (UWA), MA PhD (Cornell), FAIM, FAMI, FMIS, FANZAM Winthrop Professor University of Western Australia and Head of Discipline, Marketing
Professor Jill C Sweeney, BSc Brist., DipStat Camb., MBus PhD Curtin Winthrop Professor University of Western Australia.
Associate Professor Ilke van Beveren Research Associate CEMI, Assistant Professor Lessius Hogeschool
Mrs. Natasha van Heemst, BSc (Hons), MBA (Distinction) CEMI Research Associate, Director van Heemst Solutions
Professor Thierry Volery Research Associate CEMI, Professor University of St Gallen, Switzerland
Associate Professor Dave Webb, MBA, PhD Associate Professor UWA, Research Associate CEMI