Searching the CEMI publications database

As a community of practice for people interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and small business management research, education and policy CEMI aims to disseminate its knowledge via publications. In this section you will find a range of publications or references to publications including the CEMI Executive Summary Series, which are summaries of research papers that might otherwise be less accessible to the general public.

In the database below you can search for publications via year, author, type of publication and key words. Each publication display contains bibliographic information and where it is available the document can be downloaded from this site via the URL section. For books, book chapters, journal articles and other published works the URL will provide a link to a third party site where the documents can be obtained.

The buttons below each publication block provide access to citation formats that can be downloaded for referencing purposes.

Authors Year Title
A.L. Maxwell; S.A. Jeffrey; M. Levesque 2011 Business angel early stage decision making
M. Callahan; T. Mazzarol 2003 Business Angels in WA - Are they like Angels Everywhere?
V. Ramadani 2009 Business angels: who they really are
Anthony Sibillin 2011 Buy or DIY
T. Mazzarol 2011 Cases in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
J.J. Ebben; A.C. Johnson 2011 Cash Conversion Cycle Management in Small Firms: Relationships with Liquidity, Invested Capital, and Firm Performance
E.M. Limnios; T. Mazzarol; G. Soutar 2015 Co-op Members’ Four Hats: A cross-case study comparison
E.M. Limnios; J. Watson; T. Mazzarol; G. Soutar 2012 Co-operative Capital Units as a Solution to Co-operative Financing
E.M. Limnios; J. Watson; T. Mazzarol; G. Soutar 2012 Co-operative Capital Units: Attractive Equity Instruments?
T. Mazzarol; E.M. Limnios; S. Reboud 2012 Co-operative Enterprise as a Coalition of Small Firms