Module 3: Marketing Our Co-operative Advantage

Module Description:

This module examines the co-operative or mutual as a service organisation with the purpose of delivering value to members. The factors that influence member satisfaction, value recognition and then convert into member identity and loyalty will be addressed. How member value is recognised and measured within member owned businesses; and the theory and practice learnt from services marketing will be overviewed. Students apply a Service Dominant Logic (S-D Logic) framework to examining the marketing and member engagement activities within the enterprise. Students are tasked to undertake a member satisfaction, identity and loyalty review of their own organisation using standard measurement tools.

Learning Objectives:

Managers who complete this module should be able to:
  1. Understand and demonstrate knowledge of the theory and practice of marketing within member owned businesses including the concept of Marketing Our Cooperative Advantage (MOCA).
  2. Examine different types of member engagement with a co-operative or mutual (e.g. patron, investor, owner and community member) and how this impacts on their loyalty and expectations of value from membership.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of S-D Logic and how it can be related to the co-operative and mutual business.
  4. Examine their own organisation’s approach to member engagement and marketing, and then critically assess its strengths and weaknesses with a view to identifying areas for improvement.

Lecture Notes and Readings: