Business Research Principles and Processes

Welcome to Business Research Principles and Processes (BRPP). This course forms the foundations of three units taught within the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at the University of Western Australia (UWA). These three units focused on an introduction to the nature of scientific research, research design and methodology, as well as the development of a literature review and a research project proposal. The content outlined here encompasses the material developed and taught by Professor Tim Mazzarol within these three units (MGMT6791 Business Research Principles and Processes; MGMT6794 Literature Review and Criticism; MGMT6795 Research Proposal and Defence). This course opens up the exciting realm of research. I hope that you will take away a sense of that excitement, together with an understanding of the research process. 


This course provides a foundation for management research and analysis through a study of the history and philosophy of social science research underpinning management studies. Topics include:

  1. Paradigms, theories, models, constructs, hypotheses, experiments and other building blocks of the scientific method of enquiry;
  2. Inferential and deductive processes in the scientific method;
  3. Issues and procedures in moving from theory to research designs; 
  4. Research as a social process;
  5. The institutional contexts of management and social science research; 
  6. Ethics and social research;
  7. Preparation of a literature review and the critical analysis of the literature; and
  8. Assessment and selection of different research methdologies; and
  9. Preparation and defence of a research project proposal.

Key issues in the use of theory in effective research designs are illustrated through a close reading of research papers drawn from several disciplines in management and social sciences. This course is organised around 12 days of contact time taught over twelve months. There are 12 full day workshops that take you through the foundations of scientific research as a process, the preparation of a literature review and the development and defence of a research proposal. It is focused on moving students towards being ready to commence canditure for their doctoral research project.

Program information and content

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