Topic 1: The nature of research and the scientific method


This topic examines the nature of science and the scientific method. As noted by Gauch (2012) many researchers embark on their research studies by assembling resources (e.g. laboratory equipment), plus software and computers to analyse the data. They also ensure that they have access to the library for their literature review, the internet and support from supervisors and colleagues. Finally, they may get training in research techniques. 

However, these things are not sufficient for the scientific method to be fully implemented. What they also need is an understanding of the scientfic method and the philosophy of science. According to Gauch (2012 p. ):

"Frequently, the weakest link in a scientist's inventory is an adequate understanding of science's principles. This weakness has just as much potential to retard progress as does, say, inappropriate laboratory equipment or inadequate training in some research technique". 

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