Topic 4: Developing a research literature strategy


This topic examines the process developing the literature review and gets you underway in the preparation of your reading. It is important to understand that no scientific research should be commenced until you have reviewed the previous research that has taken place in relation to the same topic. Science is a process of building on the knowledge that has gone before. Sometimes you wish to add to this body of knowledge, and sometimes you want to challenge it. However, you cannot ignore it.

The foundations of your literature review will be started in this topic. You will return to this in the next topic “Literature Review and Criticism”. However, this has proven to be one of the areas that defeat many doctoral students. This is because it takes such a long time to prepare the literature review. You need to get started as early as possible.

Recommended readings

Garson, D. (2013) The Literature Review in Research and Dissertation Writing, Statistical Associates Blue Book Series,

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