Determinants of the Innovation RENT

TitleDeterminants of the Innovation RENT
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
Tertiary AuthorsDo, TH, Volery, T, Mazzarol, T, Reboud, S
Conference Name56th Annual ICSB World Conference
PublisherInternational Council for Small Business
Conference Location15-18 June, Stockholm, Sweden
KeywordsInnovation, rent, SMEs

This study investigates the relationship between key organizational elements (inputs,knowledge management, innovation strategy, portfolio management, project management,and commercialization), business planning and the innovation rent. In order to deepen the understanding of innovation management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a strategic comprehensive perspective on innovation is adopted in examining both high and low-tech enterprises from various industries. This study provides new evidence and insights for researchers and practitioners. The empirical results from 522 SMEs show that knowledge management, innovation strategy, business planning, portfolio management, project management and commercialization, have a positive, significant relationship with RENT. Conversely, inputs or resource endowment is not perceived a barrier to innovation and the development of a competitive advantage .

*Awarded the Journal of Small Business Management best theoretical paper at the conference.

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