Overview of the learning process

Learning any subject requires substantial input from both the teacher and student, with the balance of effort significantly weighted toward you the student. It is hoped that students who undertake this course will find it enjoyable, challenging and intellectually stimulating. The focus of learning within the unit will be upon investigation and analysis, making use of case studies, small group discussion and reporting.

Lectures will be held to provide a structural framework, however, there will be a strong emphasis placed upon group learning and student participation. The most effective learning takes place when students are required to apply their learning or teach others, and apply their knowledge to specific tasks.

Students will not get the most out of this course if all they do is attend the lectures and listen passively. As good as your lecturer might be, you cannot expect to really benefit from this unit unless you are prepared to read the text and other materials provided, listen to and question the guest speakers, participate in the class discussions and apply your knowledge within the assignments.

The design of this course aims to provide you with all these elements, including assisting an entrepreneur seeking to introduce a new innovation, where you can practice by doing and teach others the things you have learnt.

Learning activities

  1. Small business owner-manager interview report
  2. Individual weekly exercises for topics 1 to 6
  3. Individual weekly exercises for topics 7 to 12
  4. Group benchmarking study