Enterprise and Innovation

This course serves as an introduction to the nature and characteristics of entrepreneurship and innovation and explores the interrelationship between the two within contemporary economies from a managerial perspective.

It underlies two postgraduate units developed by Professor Tim Mazzarol at the University of Western Australia: MGMT5608 Entrepreneurship and Innovation, taught within the UWA MBA program, and MKTG5503 Innovation and Enterprise, taught within the UWA Master of Biotechnology.

The nature of enterprise behaviour and the characteristics of entrepreneurs in both large and small organisations are examined, as are the policy issues associated with encouraging enterprise and innovation within large organisations and the wider community.

Students examine their own propensity for enterprise and creativity, while exploring the nature and process of innovation. They are provided with an understanding of how technology and innovation are distinct but related constructs, as well as the psychological, social and cultural forces influencing new venture creation.

The fundamentals of opportunity recognition and screening of new venture ideas are examined from both a macro and micro perspective. Commercialisation, IP management and the financing of entrepreneurial ventures are also addressed.

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