Topic 4: Intrapreneurship


This topic examines new venture creation in established organisations; the intrapreneurial process; the middle manager as an entrepreneur; the roles of sponsors and climate makers.The ability of large organisations to generate innovations is contingent on their ability to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour among their employees. 

Intrapreneuring is contingent upon an alignment between the individual’s ability to undertake entrepreneurial activities, and also the organisation’s characteristics. Innovative organisations need a strong market orientation, innovative leadership, non-linear strategic planning, flexible structures and a supportive culture.

The structure and culture should be aligned to ensure that innovation can be fostered through freedom and creativity, but also implemented through efficient production and distribution. Intrapreneurship can be risky for managers who need to behave as if they are risking their own money. Encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour within large organisations requires attention to be given to human resource management (HRM) systems with appropriate rewards, resources, management support, organisational structure and a risk tolerant culture. 

Within public sector and non-profit organisations managers can also engage in innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour. Managers in these organisations face increasing pressure to innovate and find new ways to deliver services more cost-effectively. Innovation can be a useful tool for public organisations in shaping and implementing policy. In healthy public organisations employees see innovation as a normal part of their job and find that new ideas are encouraged and supported.

Senior managers within public organisations must overcome complacency, empower employees and communicate the virtues of innovation. They need to be willing to change, to build on firm foundations, have a clear strategic vision and learn to shift mindsets as they actively encourage innovation.

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