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We are a virtual centre dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation within industry and the wider community. Through our website we aim to share ideas, publish research, build networks and educate.

CEMI is a community of learning and practice for those who are interested in the application of entrepreneurship and innovation across all organisations from the smallest to the largest. This includes for profit, not-for-profit, public sector, co-operative and mutual enterprises. 

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Co-operative Enterprise Research Unit (CERU)

A research unit dedicated to investigating the sustainability and performance of the co-operative enterprise business model.

Australian Co-operative and Mutual Enterprise Index (ACMEI)

A database of all co-operative and mutual enterprises (CMEs) in  Australia

Strategic innovation in small firms

A research program investigating the behaviour of strategy and innovation in small to medium enterprises.

Enhancing sustainable energy saving behaviour through communication

A research program investigating the use of online media to encourage self-determined behavoural change in the use of household energy.

CEMI Executive Summaries

The CEMI Executive Summary Series provides short reviews of academic research papers and other publications in order to provide an overview of the key findings and the implications of this research for managers. 


A collection of publications from CEMI that can be searched via our bibliographic database. Many titles can be downloaded in full from this site.